How often should you remove eyelash extensions?

To ensure that natural eyelashes recover from the constant use of eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions should be removed every six to eight months to allow the eyelid line to be thoroughly cleaned after months of makeup and bacteria buildup, and also for natural eyelashes to grow and grow thicken. Most eyelash extensions applied in the salon usually last between two and four weeks. This takes into account that some eyelashes will fall out prematurely, especially in the first few days. All your eyelashes are at a different stage at any given time, which means that some of your eyelashes are about to fall out, while others are experiencing a growth period (this is true whether you have eyelash extensions or not).

Every eyelash stylist knows that there are certain times when an existing set of eyelash extensions is better than putting it on. The result was great (I woke up with a strip full of eyelashes and went to work without putting on any makeup), but after a week I started to wake up with my pillowcase covered with eyelashes, extensions and my own natural eyelashes. In the Internet age, there are hundreds of blog posts and YouTube videos about how to remove eyelash extensions at home without visiting the beauty salon. Every time you apply mascara in the morning, you're likely to get lost in your dreams with eyelash extensions.

The key mission of a professional eyelash polish remover is not only to remove eyelash extensions, but to do so without damaging natural eyelashes. Or, if the eyelash extensions were incorrectly applied (for example, several natural eyelashes glued together) and irritate the eyes in any way, it is best to remove them. So when eyelash extensions started to become popular, I didn't take a break before booking an appointment. One of the scariest things about eyelash extensions is that the process isn't regulated in some states, such as Alabama, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho and Wisconsin.

The professional eyelash extension remover is formulated with very strong materials that dissolve glue and can be dangerous if it comes into contact with the eyes. Simply put, eyelash extensions are tiny synthetic fibers that are carefully attached to the base of each natural eyelash. The last thing you want is to tear off your natural eyelashes prematurely while trying to remove your eyelash extensions.

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