Why are eyelashes so attractive?

Indicators of attractiveness in men, say facial features whose size is larger. Studies have shown that large eyes are more desirable in women. Because long eyelashes accentuate your eyes making them look bigger, which is a symbol of youth that is often associated with greater attractiveness. Which leads us to say that long eyelashes are more attractive to both girls and boys.

Since men have, on average, smaller eyes and larger eyebrows, long eyelashes accentuate the former even more, making them “attractive”. The findings do not support the view that increasing eyelash length will always increase the attractiveness of female faces. Authors state that “eyelashes have evolved to protect the eyes from external pollution and excessive evaporation, and changes in eyelash length may reflect different congenital and non-congenital diseases. Psychologists explain that long eyelashes, whether in men or women, create a contrast between the eye and the eyelid, drawing attention to the latter two.

Even more intriguing is the fact that eyelashes can send a signal to the brain to close its eyes if they are in danger. It also found that eyelashes were approximately one-third the width of the eye in the 22 mammal species examined. And in more recent studies, people with long eyelashes are considered much more attractive to the opposite sex. But the fact is that long eyelashes are attractive to people of all genders, and there are a few psychological reasons why.

Despite their lack of an exclusive biological function, longer eyelashes have been linked to femininity since time immemorial, and the first documentary effort to emphasize eyelashes dates back to 4000 B.

Jeanette Swart
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