Are eyelash extension haram?

Eyelash extensions are prohibited because they give a false impression. In Islam, they are subject to the rule of deception and deception. In short, eyelash extensions are allowed if the material used is synthetic and eyebrow embroidery is prohibited. Hair extensions and eyelash extensions are banned in Islam, according to many of our scholars.

What are meant by hair extensions are pieces of real hair, animal hair, or synthetic hair that a woman attaches to her real hair to make it appear longer, thicker, or more attractive. According to these scholars, it would be allowed to use eyelash extensions ONLY in front of the husband. According to renowned health experts at “Healthline”, eyelash extensions have a lot of side effects. She loves the beauty industry and took a course to become an eyelash beautician despite knowing that the use of false eyelashes is prohibited in Islam.

A Malaysian Muslim woman, who uses her public name as Nayra Fikaa, shared her story on TikTok, where she shared her journey as an eyelash extensions beautician. Some scholars from the Hanbali and Maliki school of thought allow eyelash extensions if they are made from hair other than human. Eyelash extensions are not something that was practiced at the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). As for eyelash extensions, scholars mention that they follow the same rules as hair extensions.

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