Can eyelash extensions cause styes?

Symptoms include irritation, burning, itching, redness, tearing, and sometimes a foreign body sensation, as if there is something in the eye. Clogged follicles could also form a stye, which can develop into a bacterial infection, Yu says. Can eyelash extensions cause styes? Technically, yes. Eyelash extensions can cause cross-contamination and the formation of sties.

That's why it's crucial to never do eyelash extensions to a customer with a stye. You don't want to transfer the eye infection to another customer. An allergic reaction to glue. Eyelash extensions (individual false eyelashes semi-permanently glued to the lash line) are gaining popularity.

Listed below are the most common types of eyelash extension infections you may see and their symptoms. During the procedure, each extension is applied individually to the lash line and is “filled in” once the natural eyelash falls out (usually within a few weeks), taking the extension with you. It's crucial to find an accredited and licensed beauty salon that has performed many eyelash extension procedures.

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