How do you maintain lash retention?

Retention of eyelash extensions doWash your extensions daily with an approved eyelash cleanser. Eyelash cleansers help keep eyelashes free of oil, dirt and debris that can inhibit retention. Brush your eyelashes with a clean mascara stick every day. Using a clean mascara stick can help keep your lashes looking fluffy and full.

Many factors need to be considered, such as the client's aftercare routine, seasonal eyelash loss, and more. Similarly, when the placement angle is too sharp (example of the center), the surface area of the joint between the extension and the natural eyelash is very limited, which in turn limits its useful life. There's nothing worse for an eyelash artist than their client coming to get their touch up and barely have extensions left. Examine the angle at which you are going to place the extensions, they should be placed perfectly parallel to the natural eyelash and NOT at an angle.

Throughout the day, they can absorb excess oil from their eyelids with blotting paper to prevent it from seeping into the lash line. Many types of eyeliner contain oils that can cause the bases of eyelash extensions to break or become clumpy.

Include some really good secrets for eyelash extensions

to share with your customers and the best glue retention tactics for eyelash extensions. Be sure to provide a top-of-the-line eyelash cleanser and instructions on how to care for your eyelashes.

But no one likes their gorgeous eyelash extensions leaving the party ahead of time, so eyelash retention is a hot topic in the beauty community right now. Dramatic Lashes recommends changing the adhesive every 3 to 5 weeks to ensure that it always has its best resistance. Oils and glycol should be avoided in the eyelash area and care should be taken when removing makeup and oils from the eye area. The cleanser used MUST be an approved cleanser for eyelash extensions because many other cleansers contain ingredients that are not compatible with eyelash extensions.

Even when they come out naked, be sure to prepare your client's eyelashes before applying them (both for a full session and for a recharge appointment), focusing especially on the base of the lash line. There can be no mascara, eyeliner, moisturizer, or grease-based products on the eyelashes before application.

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