How do i get certified to do eyelashes in utah?

The state of Utah requires eyelash artists to be licensed beauticians or cosmetologists. At Skinworks, we're proud to offer training on eyelash extensions as part of our basic aesthetic course, which means there's no need to sign up for another course. Minkys hands-on workshops are led by our certified Minkys trainers. The basic hands-on workshop is a comprehensive, cutting-edge, full-day training program in Utah.

Who can perform eyelash extension services in the United States is regulated state by state. Learn what it takes to get certified for eyelash extensions in Utah and the important next steps to becoming a certified eyelash artist. Any Utah resident who wants to do eyelash extensions must obtain an eyelash extensions certification in Utah. Some students also practice with models or friends who don't pay for many weeks or even months before applying for the certification exam.

Utah, the state of the U.S. In the US, it has its particular requirements for the eyelash certificate that you should know. To obtain an eyelash extension certificate, you must have a cosmetology or beautician license from the cosmetology board. You just have to get your cosmetology or beautician license and then you can get training to get an eyelash extensions certificate.

Former students of this course can retake it for FREE if they are interested in learning the latest eyelash extension techniques and products. The practice of basic aesthetics includes “arching the eyebrows, dyeing the eyebrows or eyelashes, perming” the eyelashes, applying eyelash extensions, or a combination of these procedures.

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