Can your eyelashes be too long?

Eyelashes can become too long It may seem like every girl's dream is to have long eyelashes, but it's possible that the eyelashes are too long; it can be painful and uncomfortable. While it's common for women to want their eyelashes to look longer and more defined with false eyelashes, mascara, and eyelash curlers, it's also possible for eyelashes to be too long. Eyelashes that are too long can stick together by blinking, obstructing vision, or looking unattractive. Some men find that their long eyelashes give them a feminine look and that shortening them can help create a more masculine look.

Fortunately, there is a fairly simple technique for shortening eyelashes that can help solve problems associated with eyelashes that are too long. Trichomegaly is the name given to eyelashes that measure more than 8 mm in the peripheral section and 12 mm in the central section. There are a variety of causes of eyelash trichomegaly, including environmental factors and, yes, genetic inheritance. After reading, you might want to get a pair of eyelash extensions to give that long eyelash look.

The prognostic value of eyelash trichomegaly in oncology has not yet been confirmed; some researchers suggest that long eyelashes represent a clinical marker associated with a positive response to antineoplastic therapy. To try to better understand what was happening, they took DNA samples from people with trichomegal eyelashes and compared them to the DNA of family members with shorter eyelashes.

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