How old do u have to be to get your lashes done uk?

But if you're under 16, parental consent is a necessary first step in our classroom. We will require that your parent or guardian be present during the consultation and sign the consent form. We DO NOT treat people under the age of 16. There's no doubt that you can get eyelash extensions at any age. However, it's not ideal for minors for several reasons.

Legally speaking, there's no specific license you need to do eyelash extensions in the UK. The main reason for undergoing an eyelash extension procedure is simply to avoid applying and removing false eyelashes repeatedly. Bulky lashes are really great for naturally thin or sparse lashes, since you can look much thicker without the extra weight. PLEASE DO NOT use bulky or hybrid mascara for eyelashes; regardless of which brand you use, mascara causes volume fans to close suddenly.

Castor oil contains fatty acids that have been reported to help eyelash growth: the oil nourishes natural eyelashes and moisturizes the skin around the eyes. Hybrid sets also feature these handmade fans, but combine them with classic eyelashes for a more textured look. To get the most out of your extensions and mascara, simply apply the product to the tips of your lashes and avoid roots. You should use an oil-free, glycol-free, and lash-safe makeup remover; oil-based makeup removers will damage the adhesive on your eyelashes and can cause eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely.

However, as long as you comply with all health and safety precautions, your customers should be perfectly sure that you apply their eyelash extensions. Hybrid outfits are like the bold cousin of volume: volume sets tend to feature a smooth line of lashes, while hybrid sets tend to look less uniform, for a glamorous “straight out of bed” style.

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